THE END! #365

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Several months late, but I did it! 365 photos, one per day for the last year. It was a great challenge for me since I’m not known for my follow through. I definitely achieved my goals. I used my camera a million times more than I would have otherwise and I began to learn new techniques and even basic skills, such as adjusting shutter speeds and working out nice macro shots.

In the end the best part is having a visual record of the last year. One of my biggest regrets from college wasn’t what degree I did or didn’t get, or what I may have done at parties while drunk, but it was my lack of photos. I have only a handful of shots of friends and places. In one year on this blog I can’t believe I did all these things. I also took the time to notice details I usually would have passed right by.

From now on I’ll be blogging my baking and diy projects over at The Cheerful Novice.

Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair #364

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If you go to San Francisco….

We’re all a little mad #363

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Take another little piece of my heart now baby #362

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Alligator outlines #361

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Cookie decorating might become a new passion of mine. Time will tell.

Care for a spot of tea? #360

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Piles of Babylon #359

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Unpacking the boxes and boxes of books turned out to be some of the most fun.

Family resembalance #358

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The power is strong in this one #357

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Hells yeah that’s a full on light saber!

Balancing act #356

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This is that one perfect second before it all comes tumbling down.