Bar snaps #2

The boys enjoy the moment

I have this photo trick with people I almost always use. Instead of saying the typical 1…2…3, I pick three random numbers like 27…86…9. My theory is that people plaster on these set smiles for the camera, but the unexpected numbers can cause them to react with surprise and a more natural expression. Does it work? Probably not, but I love my collection of perplexed pictures. I was working with the nighttime portrait setting on the camera. The flash is still harsh, but considerably toned down.

Going behind the bar

This is a bit of a cheat photo since I’m in it and obviously didn’t take it. I asked one of our regular bartenders if I could take a picture of him and he invited me to that sacred place behind the bar! I love the way our local bar has a jutting out square shape insted of the flat wall of alcohol you see at many restaurants.

~ by Arwen on January 30, 2009.

One Response to “Bar snaps #2”

  1. What is Micah’s hand doing?!

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