Chocolate fish #3

Japanese Class Snacks yum

Since 80% of my company is Japanese they pay for Japanese classes for the few of us who don’t speak fluently. Our sensei is a wonderful lady who brings us snack cups. My opinion of her teaching skills is in no way influenced by this (lies!). This week mixed in with the choco edamame and kaki no tane we were treated to Pucca. Pucca are chocolate filled biscuits in the shape of fish.

I started drawing little Pucca all over the vocabulary handout.

Sensei – Emika do you know the word ‘rakugaki’?

E – No, what’s that?

Sensei – In English I think you call it ‘doodling’. My kids would do that in class. It was very bad for them.

Oof  busted.

(This was taken on the macro setting. It’s crisp all the way to full size. Hot damn!)

~ by Arwen on January 31, 2009.

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