California in February #13

Signs of Spring

This was taken around the corner from my house.

I love not having TV at Fort Carolina. If I want to zone out and watch random TV shows I have to get my lazy butt to the YMCA and onto the fancy elliptical machines. The problem is I can watch good TV through Hulu, but I specifically want to watch bad TV at the gym.

A few days ago the gym was packed and I peered at the other sweating patrons around me. Every last one of them was watching an Obama speech. My TV? Set to Rock of Love III: Bret Micheal’s search for the rock skank of his dreams.

Yesterday my machine was sandwiched between two CNN watchers. My screen was telling the gripping Mario Lopez: E! True Hollywood Story.

Do the other people judge me? Are they jealous that they don’t have the guts to watch ridiculous crap in front of other people? Do they even glance at my screen, or am I the only one silly enough to do that? I know people who glance at everyone at the gym to see who is in better or worse shape. I just want to find another person who likes trashy programming while they whittle their waist.


~ by Arwen on February 10, 2009.

One Response to “California in February #13”

  1. There are only 3 channels on the TV at my gym at work: news, news, and the Food Network. !@#$ masochists…but I think I am becoming a better cook for it. I definitely have gotten weird looks for watching it, though. Ooooh, am so jealous you were watching E!

    Oh, yeah – hi!!! Loving your pictures, sweetie!

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