Sunday donuts #32


I took a bushel of pictures this weekend, but now I need the time to upload and edit the best of them. I should start throwing the other shots that don’t get on the blog into my Flickr account.

First things first I’m off to see a lighthouse in the rain!

My cell phone can only hold around 160 received texts at a time, so I have to do an inbox purge once a week. Here are some of the ones I keep meaning to delete, but can’t quite bring myself to erase yet.

  • Ask someone to compile your kernel.
  • For you, duck yeah!
  • I pay in beer. That ok?
  • No rabid potatoes yet. Fundamentalists tho
  • Hangover. Baaaad. Candy Mountain. Gooood.
  • Have transvestite spy nightmares anymore? :)
  • Sounds peachy dear.
  • I’ve decided that 78.5  percent of my weight is my boobs and butt. Therefore I’m not going to worry about it anymore@(^_~)@
  • I just walked by the head of security’s office and his ring tone is the Imperial March!
  • I am totally dense to women. (from my brother, I’m outing him because it’s cute and grammatically wrong)
  • Please eat me! Oops. I am a curry :-D

~ by Arwen on March 1, 2009.

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