Arwen, cake architect #33

rainbowcakebeforeInspired by Omnomicon I decided to make a psychodelic cake for Tyler’s birthday. Only I used the eggs and oil as such. Diet sprite? Really? We also made a whipped cream frosting using heavy whipping cream, powdered sugar and clear vanilla extract (yum-o-rama).

Big thanks to my crack team of fellow cake architects! This would have been a hot mess without them! I’ll stick some baked cake pictures on Flickr in the next few days.

Music link – Here I dreamt I was an Architect by the Decemberists

I first heard this song during the Ted Mosby, Architect episode of How I met your Mother.

And I am nothing of a builder
But here I dreamt I was an architect
And I built this balustrade
To keep you home, to keep you safe
From the outside world
But the angles and the corners
Even though my work is unparalleled
They never seemed to meet
This structure fell about our feet
And we were free to go

~ by Arwen on March 2, 2009.

One Response to “Arwen, cake architect #33”

  1. That was a very yummy cake! Thanks for feeding us! :)

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