A pillar of fire by night, of cloud by day #34

Point Bonita Lighthouse

I needed a break from the city, from the suburbs, from daily life and so I dragged Adam along to roam. This is Point Bonita located in the Marin Headlands.

A suspension bridge built for two leads you to this solitary point. The original glass prisms sending a tireless signal; 3 on, 1 off. Over and over sixteen miles out to sea. San Francisco Bay will happily take as many ships as it can, but the lighthouse provides both a warning and safe haven.

It was pouring rain the entire time. The air never smelled so good.

Adam and I getting soaked in the rain

Bonus point to anyone who knows where the title of this post came from.


~ by Arwen on March 3, 2009.

3 Responses to “A pillar of fire by night, of cloud by day #34”

  1. Nice! For composition I would suggest chopping the lower left hand corner off slightly and push toward the lighthouse since the railing slightly distracts from the main subject.

    Otherwise, looks nice!

    • Good suggestions! I totally agree with you on the railing. Maybe I should rethink my policy of not cropping any of the photos.

  2. What’s really weird is I was just goofing off in Google Earth yesterday and not having seen this photo found the same lighthouse just cruising the coastline. O.o Spooky. ^^

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