Everything else #163


3 awesome Hawaiian things – Moa, hibiscus and loco moco.

For my failing memory, a list of some of the things we did –

  • kayaking and hiking to a zip line, zip lining and then finishing it up swimming in a little lagoon complete with an 8ft waterfall you could stand under (also leading to the very dramatic jump by Unika! Don’t worry we have it on film)
  • Took a small catamaran around the Na Pali coast. We were deemed “adventurous” by Captain Grumpy and stood at the front where we were drenched with warm water and treated to a roller coaster ride on the waves
  • Snorkeling
  • Rode on a boat alongside a pod of over 50 porpoises, giant sea turtles and spotted manta ray
  • Swam in my dress under the full moon in Hanalei Bay. We were the only people on the beach at 11pm
  • Went to the Smith Family luau and had the most delicious kalua pig
  • Saw fire spinning and coconut bras (the boys favorite part of the luau I’m sure)
  • Went boogie boarding in some intense waves (dug sand out of bathing suit for next 2 days)
  • Chased moa wherever I went
  • Spent time with a group of fun, thoughtful, active, but laid back friends.
  • Got a lovely sunburn on my last day, but it is now turning into a nice tan.

The Go-go’s were right,  vacation, all I ever wanted, vacation, had to get away.

~ by Arwen on July 10, 2009.

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