Family resembalance #358

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The power is strong in this one #357

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Hells yeah that’s a full on light saber!

Balancing act #356

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This is that one perfect second before it all comes tumbling down.

The Split Personality #355

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Mango and raspberry sorbet in white chocolate drizzled with caramel and more chocolate.

When you want it really cold #354

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Dinner at Xanh was terrific! While not an amazing picture I was in love with the dry ice sitting ahi tuna tar-tare. Oh mmm have to go again just for this!

Bright bright #353

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Okay you don’t really need a picture of our new bathroom, but it looked so bright and clean. We’ll see how long that lasts.

Kitchen nirvana #352

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The big sell for me was the newly remodeled kitchen. Nothing had been used before and that stainless steel fridge was calling my name.  A few of the cabinets have pull out drawers and once long cabinet I’ve taken over only for baking tools. Heaven!